New Poland campaign highlights country is ‘safe to visit’

The Polish Tourism Organisation has launched a summer social media campaign to encourage people to visit the country and relay the message that Poland is safe despite bordering Ukraine.

The #PolandVibes campaign aims to boost tourism by promoting the country on social media through the use of influencers and webcams showing footage of live activities, as well as urging visitors to post about their experiences using the campaign’s hashtag.

According to the tourist board, the Polish government reported a rise in holiday cancellations since the end of February, when Russian hostilities began in Ukraine, as potential visitors became concerned about travelling in Eastern Europe.

Online training is to run alongside the campaign through Online Travel Training, with prizes available to agents who complete multiple modules.

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To try to minimise further cancellations, the country is promoting its upcoming music festivals, art galleries and local cuisine, while assuring visitors its major cities are not near the Ukraine border crossing.

Dorota Wojciechowska, UK director of the Polish Tourism Organisation, said: “As Poland is in the heart of Europe, our citizens have done everything they can to help our neighbours in their hour of need, but it is worth remembering that our major cities are all located far from the border crossing with Ukraine.

“We are a big-hearted nation and we are still warmly welcoming visitors, whether they are looking for R&R or refuge.

“Our tourist attractions, hotels and restaurants are open as usual and we are very much looking forward to a summer of cultural highlights where visitors will continue to receive the excellent hospitality and warm welcome long associated with Poland.”

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