MSC Cruises’ fleet receives environmental protection certification

MSC Cruises’ fleet has received a certification of marine environmental protection, which it says shows its “commitment” to sustainability.

The cruise line has been awarded ISO 21070:2017 certification for its fleet, which specifies procedures for the shipboard management of waste, including handling, collection, separation, marking, treatment and storage.

It also describes the ship-to-shore interface and the delivery of waste from the ship to port reception facilities.

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MSC Cruises said all future ships added to its fleet will also receive the certification as they enter service.

Minas Myrtidis, vice-president of environmental operations and compliance, said: “We are delighted that our entire fleet is now certified with ISO 21070:2017.

“As we work to solve the great sustainability challenges that our industry faces, we continue to deploy every tool available to accelerate this, including industry standards and certification.

“We are and will always remain committed to environmental protection.”

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