Havila Capella to resume operations next week

The parent company of cruise ship Havila Capella said it is able to fully insure the vessel and can restart operations along the Norwegian coast next week.

The 640-passenger vessel has been docked in Bergen for more than two months because of unnamed insurance firms scrapping the vessel’s cover due to the line’s ties with sanctioned Russian firm GTLK Asia.

In April, GTLK was added to the EU’s list of sanctioned companies because of Russia’s war against Ukraine.

The line was granted permission by the Norwegian government in April to operate the sanctioned vessel (pictured) for six months, but the order did not include the right to insure it.

And earlier this month, Havila Voyages took legal action in a bid to become the outright owner of the Havila Capella vessel.

Chief executive Bent Martini said a district court has given the company the role of principal administrator of Havila Capella “with all the rights that a registered owner has”.

“The Norwegian Maritime Directorate has now issued valid certificates for Havila Capella,” he said.

“Over the next few days, we will seek to conclude the hull insurance for the ship, meaning Havila Capella can resume operations from June 28, when she will embark on her next voyage along the Norwegian coast.”

Havila Capella is moored at the quay in Bergen with crew on board and is ready to receive guests.

“Our social mission along the Norwegian coast contributes to a significant number of jobs, and to Norwegian business and tourism beyond our voyages, in addition to being an important part of the infrastructure along the coast,” said Martini.

Havila’s fleet has two vessels – Havila Castor and Havila Capella – with another two ships slated to come into service.

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