G Adventures to relaunch Bhutan tours in October

G Adventures is to reintroduce Australia, New Zealand and Bhutan to its programme in the coming months.

The Trans Bhutan Trail will be opened for the first time in 60 years at a ceremony being held by the destination on September 28, 2022.

The adventure operator said it will be the first travel company to take customers along the trail on October 2.

It is offering an 11-day Camp the Trans Bhutan Trail which features camping and homestays and a 12-day Highlights of the Trans Bhutan Trail itinerary with accommodation in homestays, guest houses and hotels.

Prices for the longer round-trip from Paro start from £4,299.

The two tours focus on selected parts of the 250 mile trail.

Yves Marceau, vice-president of product at G Adventures, said: “We’ve been thrilled with how popular the new trips have been, even with the delay in reopening.

“It’s a country we’ve run tours in for more than a decade and have long admired for its commitment to the happiness of its people and sustainable way of life.”

He added: “G Adventures is the pioneer of community tourism and being able to give travellers an exceptional travel experience and simultaneously provide much-needed economic benefits to local people is our mission as a business.”

Next month, trips with G Adventures to Australia and New Zealand will also resume after borders were reopened for international travel.

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